Avery Cardoza and His Role in Gambling World

If you like reading gambling books you definitely know the name of Avery Cardoza: it is written on almost every book which describes casino games and gambling world in general; Mr. Cardoza is the owner of Cardoza Publishing, the house which publishes many world-famous books on the topics of poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps and casinos. Moreover, Avery Cardoza is an author and gambler himself: he began his gambling career as a player of blackjack and continued as an author of gambling books and publisher.

Short Bio

Avery Cardoza was born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1957 and studied at Vassar College where he had understood he had good skills in mathematics. Avery began playing blackjack using card counting techniques when he was underage but he was soon caught and banned from casinos; so, he had written his first gambling book when he was just 23 and this book was Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter.

Avery Cardoza always considered gambling being his job, not a hobby, and he never had any other jobs except blackjack and poker. Soon, he becomes a good casino expert who develops his own gambling techniques and examines other casino games such as baccarat, poker and craps; being a real professional, Cardoza writes many books on those games, and these books are warmly accepted by all critics who call them to be useful gambling guides for average players.

In 1981 Mr. Cardoza founds Cardoza Publishing which represents the experts and authors of gambling sphere today: this publishing house is considered to be the largest seller of gambling books, and it has sold over 9 million books already!

He also leads the company Cardoza Games, has offices in Moscow and London, has property in New York and Las Vegas and enjoys travelling to different exotic countries to feel the atmosphere of gambling there and understand various emotional aspects and psychology of winning there.


Avery Cardoza is a significant personality in the gambling world today: being the professional blackjack player, he was able to describe baccarat casino game perfectly and understandable for every average player who wants to learn and win this game.

Avery's book is called to be The Basics of Winning Baccarat and it is highly recommended for new comers who make their first steps at baccarat card game. Mr. Cardoza is not such a crazy baccarat gambler as Akio Kashiwagi for example, but it does not matter that he does not have a right to be on the list of baccarat experts.

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