Baccarat Glossary: Special Terms to Know When Play Baccarat

The main rule to win baccarat is to understand it perfectly; we do not speak about common baccarat rules here because it is clear that a gambler should know them. We speak about the language of baccarat here: when you sit at baccarat table you should perfectly understand the terms of the game; you will agree that it is impossible to plan your game if you do not understand what happens at the table, will not you?

Here it is: the list of baccarat glossary for you to know.

Main terms

These words you will definitely here when playing baccarat at any land-based casino.

  • Banker - an option you can bet on; means the winning of a dealer.
  • Player - an option you can bet on; means the winning of a player.
  • Tie - an option you can bet on though it happens very rarely; means 'Push'.
  • Bankroll - a sum of money a player should (or plan to) use to play the particular baccarat game.
  • House Edge - the advantage of a casino. Actually, baccarat has the smallest house edge in comparison with other casino games.
  • Shoe - a collection of card decks for playing baccarat; a box where these cards are placed.
  • Natural - 8 or 9 points which give an automatic winning at baccarat.

French terms

Baccarat game came from France, and sometimes casinos use French terms in order to support the spirit of the game. So, it would be not out of place to know all of them.

  • Banco - Banker
  • Punto - Player
  • Carte - Request to give one more card
  • Coup - Round
  • Croupier - Dealer (Callman)
  • Le Grande - Natural of 9 points
  • La Petite -Natural of 8 points
  • Sabot - Shoe

Interesting terms

  • Chemmy - Chemin de Fer (if you play in Britain)
  • Shimmy - Chemin de Fer (if you play in America)
  • Broadway - a special can on the table where discarded cards are located
  • Lammers - Commissions
  • High Rollerb - a gambler who makes big bets
  • Monkey - a face card (Jack, Queen, King) or 10's
  • Standoff - Tie
  • Palette - a long wooden tool to move cards on the table
  • Ladderman - a person (casino employee) who observes the game sitting above the table
  • Vigorish - 5% commission a casino always takes from a player

Knowing all these terms is one step closer to win baccarat money.

Baccarat gurus

There is an array of famous and genious Baccarat players. They achieved success in Baccarat gambling due to their patience, courage and performance art.

Baccarat basics

There are a lot of possibilities for each player to use the Baccarat strategies and master the game performance in order to get winnings.