The Biography of Agent 007: Bond, James Bond

James Bond is a fiction character which is considered to be one of the best baccarat players today; in spite of the fact you will never meet this person in casinos and will never see him playing, all baccarat admirers are proud of the fact the world-famous Agent 007 shares the same passion with them.

James Bond plays baccarat in many movies, such as Casino Royale, Dr. No, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and others; modern Bond films describe poker being his favorite casino game though it is not actually true.

The biography of Agent 007 is full of events and adventures of course; he was asked common questions concerning his life and work, and the following answers were received from James Bond lately.

The Questionnaire for James Bond

Question Answer

What is the date of your birth? I was born in November 11th, 1920

Who were your parents? My father's name was Andrew Bond (he was a Scotsman); as for my mother, she was Monique Delacroix from Switzerland. They were killed when I was 11… I lived with my aunt.

Would you be so kind to tell us about your education?

Well, it is a long story: when I was 12 I entered the public school of Eton but was soon transferred to Fettes. As for the higher education, I entered the University of Geneva when I was 17. I was also lucky to graduate from Cambridge where I got the degree of Linguistics.

All our readers are interested in your career of a secret agent of course! How did it appear that you began to work at the Secret Service? Everything I can tell you is that I joined them in 1938 to work there during the war.

What about your personal life? Are you married?

I was married twice actually: my first wife's name was Kissy Suzuki, my second wife is Teresa Draco.

What can you tell us about your likes and dislikes? Do you have any hobbies?

My passion is fast cars, cigars and pretty women of course! I think that everybody knows that I like drinking Vodka Martini. Moreover, I know some Oriental languages, but it can not be called to be my hobby: it is more like a profession I think… Yes, I am a kind of a linguist. I can also say that I am a passionate gambler and my games of choice are baccarat and poker; I am a professional gambler actually.

As we know, your role was played by many famous Hollywood actors. Do you know all of them?

Well, sure! If they played Agent 007 I should know them. James Bond was played by such actors as Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig… Anyway, Sean Connery is believed to be the best 'James Bond'; maybe it is because he was the first one?

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