The List of Baccarat Movies About James Bond

James Bond, the world-famous movie character and secret agent of the British Secret Intelligence Service is also a noticeable personality of gambling world: Agent 007 is a passionate baccarat gambler and he is always described as one of baccarat experts even.

The stereotype is that James Bond was not a baccarat gambler but a poker one: some movies show him being an expert of Texas Hold'em; but the true fact is baccarat casino game always attracted Agent 007 and he gambled it with the hope to reveal some secrets he needed to reveal according to his job.

Let's have a look at the most popular James Bond movies which show him being a real baccarat expert.

Dr. No

This film is the first one about James Bond and it saw the light in 1962; the role of James Bond was played by Sean Connery there, and the budget of the movie was rather low. But the success of the film was so big that the decision was made to continue the series about Agent 007.

Joseph Wiseman played the role of Dr. No, Bond's enemy for that moment.


This film was the most successful one of Bond's series though it was not easy to screen it because of misunderstandings between Ian Fleming and screenwriters; the production of the film was delayed because of that fact. Sean Connery played Bond again, and he admitted that Thunderball was actually his favorite performance of James Bond.

Thunderball had become an inspiration for other spy movies of that time.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service

This movie was the 6th one about James Bond, and the role of Agent 007 was played by George Lazenby here. It was the film which performed Bond being a family man: he fell in love and marries a girl named Teresa. On Her Majesty's Secret Service is one of 3 films called "Blofeld Trilogy" where Blofeld was played by 3 different actors: it is the second film which stays between You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever.

This Bond movie was met positively and it received only warm critical reviews.

For Your Eyes Only

This movie was represented in 1981, and the role of James Bond was played by Roger Moore there. For Your Eyes Only was not very well accepted by critics though it was able to generate $195 million. James Bond investigates the murder of an archeologist and finds out the fact the Soviets organized a computer attack in a ship (that archeologist worked at a submarine).

License to Kill

Timothy Dalton is the one who played the role of James Bond in this movie of 1989. This time Agent 007 is looking for revenge and tries to find the person who wanted to kill his best friend, Felix Leither. He receives license to kill and becomes even more dangerous for his enemies. License to Kill was the 16th movie from James Bond series, and it was considered to be more violent and darker than other movies about Agent 007.

Casino Royale

We do not speak about Casino Royale of 2006 where the role of James Bond was played by a wonderful actor Daniel Craig; Casino Royale of 1967 represents James Bond as a baccarat player, moreover, this movie shows baccarat casino game being one of main characters (the action takes place in casinos where Agent 007 tries to dispose one big criminalist).

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