Byron Hebert - the Author of Power Baccarat 2

As well as Brian Kayser and John May, Bryan F. Hebert has chosen baccarat casino game to be his favorite one; all his works (books, articles, betting baccarat strategies) were devoted particularly to baccarat. Mr. Hebert was sure that this game of chance was possible to beat if use betting strategies properly.

Anyway, Bryan Hebert is an experienced baccarat player today who is still welcomed at different casinos; he is not shy to try various new approaches in order to discover something new for himself and improve his skills of a professional baccarat gambler.

As well as many other casino gurus, Mr. Hebert is always ready to share his knowledge and experience with other players, and his bestselling books are a really good proof of this fact: Power Baccarat and Power Baccarat 2 are his most famous books which give readers the first look at baccarat game and reveal all its secrets to help you feeling yourself a professional gambler when sit at baccarat table in a separate casino room.

Power Baccarat

  • The first book of Mr. Herbert was called to be Power Baccarat: the Best Game in the Casino: it was published in 1993, and the readers of this book were not only new comers but also advanced baccarat gamblers (the author shared his betting baccarat strategies which could help to win the game).
  • The second book of Byron Hebert was called to be Power baccarat 2: Beat the Casino Playing Baccarat: it was published in 2000, and the readers of this book were beginners mostly because the author's goal here was to show only the main aspects of the game for players to understand the concept of baccarat.

If you decided to read Power Baccarat 2, you will find the following details there:

1. Detailed rules description

2. Strategies to improve odds

3. Discipline and etiquette of baccarat

4. Bet types and the best moments when to make them

5. The author's personal opinion regarding baccarat casino game

6. The information concerning money management and other good tips which help you to be a confident baccarat player

Power Baccarat 2 has received only positive reviews from gambling critics. Does it mean that Byron Hebert has revealed all secrets of this game of fortune? Who knows? Everything is possible, but we would not recommend you to rely on various baccarat strategies and systems described in articles and books: maybe they work somehow, but not for average players for sure!

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