What Has Avery Cardoza Made for Gambling?

Avery Cardoza is a professional gambler, author and publisher; he has owned Cardoza Publishing since 1981 which is considered to be the world's largest publishing house today. Mr. Cardoza considers gambling to be his job and lifestyle: he writes books by himself and travels to different exotic countries with the aim to examine the gambling habits of people who live there and understand their psychology of gambling too.

Why do we name Avery Cardoza as the one of baccarat gurus? In spite of the fact he is a player of blackjack and poker, he is the expert of gambling in general and his books about baccarat casino game perfectly prove this fact.

The Basics of Winning Baccarat

Do not pay attention to the fact this book of Avery Cardoza is not very big: those 64 pages help you to discover the world of baccarat and get the main baccarat aspects at once. The author's goal here was to give readers the very first look at baccarat game, and that is why forget about The Basics of Winning Baccarat if you are an advanced player already: you will not find anything new for yourself because the readers of this book should be only new comers.

You have an opportunity to discover the following aspects of the game in this book: main terms and rules of the game, various baccarat variations and their rules differences, baccarat tips and types of bets, card counting and its role at baccarat game.

Other books

Avery Cardoza is the author of more than 20 books about gambling world; he describes not only baccarat but other casino games, such as blackjack, poker and craps, too. You are welcome to read the list of his most popular books here:

  • How to Win at Gambling
  • Winning Casino Blackjack for the Non-Counter
  • How to Play Winning Poker
  • How to Win at Gambling
  • Crash Course In Beating Texas Hold'em
  • Secrets of Winning Slots
  • Secrets of Winning Video Poker
  • The Basics of Winning Baccarat
  • Winning Casino Play
  • The Basics of Winning Bingo
  • Avery Cardoza's 100 SlotsThe Basics of Winning Sports Betting

What else?

1. Cardoza Publishing

2. New betting strategies' development

3. The screenplay of Lost in Las Vegas (a dark comedy about the world of casino gambling)

Baccarat gurus

There is an array of famous and genious Baccarat players. They achieved success in Baccarat gambling due to their patience, courage and performance art.

Baccarat basics

There are a lot of possibilities for each player to use the Baccarat strategies and master the game performance in order to get winnings.