Confession of a Player: How I started to Play Online Poker

I have always loved gambling. Being 20 years-old-student I regularly visited casinos to place several bets at baccarat table or make a few spins at slot machines. I liked everything about casinos: the atmosphere, the emotions, I could literally smell winnings and losses in the air. I started to play poker and that way my first real passion. To tell the truth, the only one in my life. But now the rhythm of modern life does not allow me to visit real casinos frequently. That is why I decided to play poker online for money.

Today I may say being absolutely sure, online poker is fantastic opportunity for everyone to play this game. You can play play online poker using Paypal to deposit funds or even play it for free, you can choose table where only beginners play and even become a member of the international tournament!

First Time at Online Casino

When I just decided to play poker online I even did not know where I should search for the proper place to enjoy the game. I created accounts at all the casinos I found and tried to play there. Of course, not all of my attempts to find a good place were successful. Today you can find the place easily, as there are a lot of websites and communities which are aimed to help players with their first steps in gambling revealing the names of top online poker sites and places where you can learn out all rules.

It was easy for me to actually play the games as I had experience of poker gambling and did not need learn to play poker. The game running of my favorite game was absolutely the same like in real casinos, so everything I needed to do was to enjoy, as like I am watching my favorite movie about James Bond who also was an avid gambler.

Players: Friends and Foes

Of course, when you play at one and the same casino for a long period of time (it happens when you at last find the place with poker freerolls which you like most of all), you get to know more people. Some of the players with whom I played are now participants of the wsop tournament. I am proud that I had honor to play with them! It helped me to understand the game even better. I made a lot of friends playing poker at online casinos, and I even found some game-enemies. That sounds funny but there are players I do not want to play against, though the desire to show them that I am better player is stronger, so I play and play…

Some Recommendations

So if you decided to play poker at online casino, make sure that you know how to play game. I think these videos will be very useful for you! Use each opportunity to know the game better and you will see that winning is very easy. Hope to meet you at some of the online casinos soon. Good luck!


James Haggen.

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