Frank Scoblete - the Guru of Gambling World

It is hardly possible to imagine the gambling world without such a guru as Frank Scoblete: he is not only the bestselling American author of more than 20 books about gambling, but he also the gambling expert. Frank believes that gambling is fun and he considers it being his lifestyle: this outstanding person can not imagine his life without casinos today though it was not always so. The way of Frank Scoblete was very long before he understood what his real passion was.

Anyway, Mr. Scoblete considers winning being even more fun than gambling itself; so, gambling is not only hobby and interesting pastime for him but also a good business which brings much money.

Frank Scoblete usually writes his book under the name King of Scobe: he is an expert of almost all casino games though his favorite ones were always craps and blackjack; he did not only describe and analyze them but also found new methods and techniques to win these games. Mr. Scoblete does not forget about baccarat card game too: his Baccarat Battle Book became an American bestseller and was called to be one of the best guides for everyone who wanted to understand baccarat game perfectly.

The biography of Frank Scoblete is full of interesting facts and events: he had to change many professions before coming to the world of gambling; but his achievements are beyond any doubts today. Today he gives different seminars on the topic of craps and blackjack, organizes various gambling events, continues writing books and articles to different newspapers, gambling magazines and Internet websites; moreover, he can boast with audio- and videotapes.

Mr. Scoblete lives in New York with his wife Alene Paone, the owner of Paone Press (the publishing house where Frank usually printed his books).

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