Henry Tamburin and His Life in Details

He started his gambling career with a revenge to blackjack and soon became one of the world-famous gambling experts; Henry Tamburin never considered himself to be the guru of gambling though the books and articles written by him told us the opposite thing. We call his name among baccarat experts because he was the developer of some winning baccarat strategies and described them in his bestselling book, the good guide for all baccarat players.

The beginning

Henry Tamburin studied at the University of Maryland and got the PhD in Chemistry. He never thought about the gambling career and did not plan to gamble at all; but everything had changed in 1968 when Henry and his young wife came to Las Vegas.

They went there together with another married couple of their friends on their invitation, and Henry tried the game of blackjack there. It happened in the hotel when Henry's waited for his wife: he noticed blackjack tables there and decided to kill some time playing it. He knew that blackjack was possible to beat, so did not worry much about that; as a result, he lost almost all his money and had almost nothing for his further rest in Las Vegas! After such a pity situation Henry Tamburin promised himself to examine and play the game perfectly to be able to beat blackjack at last!

Having advanced mathematical skills, it was not very difficult for Henry to understand and even improve blackjack strategies and become a good master of this game; he did not stop with blackjack and examined other casino games too. All these deeds helped Mr. Tamburin become a skilled gambling expert and write many books on this topic: the development of baccarat strategies is among his achievements too.


Today Henry Tamburin is possible to see on TV and hear on radio; he is the author of many gambling books about blackjack, baccarat, craps and casinos in general; he writes articles for many gambling newspapers and magazines and teaches people how to play blackjack: his courses are for gamblers of different knowledge - beginners, intermediate, advanced…

Henry lives in Vegas now and plays different casino games there; he has become interested in video poker lately, and he runs his personal website about gambling.

Henry Tamburin never considered himself being the blackjack expert: blackjack was just like a hobby for him, and he had been working at one international chemical company for 30 years. Thanks to gambling, the name of Henry Tamburin will be always remembered.

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